20 May

I printed out my poster to be framed. I chose my vector graphic I did of Sly. I was just really proud of it, especially the Pen tool work I did in Illustrator. Here is the picture again:

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 2.55.13 PM


And with that, this year is wrapped up. I really enjoyed my time here in Digital Design at Northwest Tech Center! I have learned a lot and will truly miss it.



16 May

I wrote the letter today and printed out some pictures for my sociology project. That’s pretty much all I did.

I will not be in class tomorrow due to Goldbug olympics.


14 May

I worked on an advertisement for my “business partner” and I’s company for Sociology class. I started and finished it today. It was pretty much just a matter of copy and paste, Magic Wand tool, and Type tool. It’s kinda… uh… well, you can just see for yourself.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 2.58.21 PM


13 May

I presented my “Guest Blog” post today. Hope everyone enjoy it. Other than that, I didn’t do much more than print off some of the pictures I need for a Sociology project and begin designing some more in Photoshop. I’ll begin the letter tomorrow.


10 May

Today, I worked on designing a logo for a fake company I am a part of in my Sociology class. Me and another student are partners and we decided to merge our companies because of the similarities in our ideas. Our company is a clothing company called “Purebred.” We sell clothing with designs featuring animals on them AND clothing for animals. Kinda stupid, eh? I think that’s the point. Anyway, I found three different fonts on that we’ll choose from. Here is a screenshot of them inside Photoshop:

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 2.57.55 PM


9 May

I found the last of my work samples and put them in my planner. Also, if you scroll down, I typed up my Guest Blog post. So now I’ve completed all the required assignments this week.

Guest Post

9 May

I’m really glad that I gave the Pen tool another chance this year because I really love it now. Seriously, I love it. Before watching a series of videos on called “Drawing Vector Graphics,” using it was so frustrating… until you find out about its friend; the Convert Anchor Point tool. It makes path-making a whole lot easier. Like, a thousand times easier.

Another thing–tool, that I discovered this year was the Mixer Brush tool. It can make digital painting look much more close to real life painting than the actual Brush tool. I learned that you can fused three different colors into one brush stroke using something like the Eyedropper tool, but I forget the name of it. Anyway, it acts as if you’ve dipped the brush into multiple colors of paint. Pretty cool function. I also have to give credit to the Alt + Z–excuse me, Command + Z, for its undo ability. I think I’ve used that shortcut more than anything, in both Illustrator AND Photoshop.